Best British Ale

You will be tempted to standup and sing the British national anthem when you drink this beer. We call it our Stiff Upper Sip. This is the “godfather” of true British brewing, and our tribute to Peter Austin who invented the brewing system we use at 4 Mile Brewing Company. The beer’s good breeding shows through in the exquisite balance of English malt & hops. We cask condition this beer, meaning it is naturally carbonated. You can serve it whatever temperature you want, but if you know your stuff, it should be served warmer than the average North American beer – somewhere between inner thigh and a rib eye steak left on the counter for an hour. This is a true session beer. Think an afternoon at the lake with friends, good cheese, cold cuts and pickles and later, the balls to crack open the mysterious Tupperware container with what looks to be mac & cheese…maybe.

ABV 4.25%
24 IBU unfiltered

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